DATA PROTECTION ACT (D.LGS.n.196 of 30th June 2003) In accordance with the Legistlative Decree n.196 of the 30th june2003, your personal details will be used in a correct and transparent manner in compliance with existing regulations set down in the data protection act. With regard to article 13 of the Legistlative Decree 196/2003 and the personal details that we will have access to, we wish to inform you of the following; 1. REASON FOR ACCESS TO PERSONAL DETAILS Your personal details will be correctly used exclusively to carry out the services requested by the undersigned. 2. METHOD OF CONSERVING PERSONAL DETAILS Your personal details will be stored on computer and traditional archives. 3. CONSENT TO THE USE OF YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS You are free to give your consent or refuse the use of your personal details. However your refusal would make it impossible for us to fulfil our duties to you 4. SCOPE OF THE USE OF YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS Your personal details and those of your property will be disclosed to the persons responsible for the use of the data. These details may be communicated to other collaborating agents and stored in collaborating agents data banks. The Vendor authorises the Agency to use any relevant personal details and any details regarding the property such as legal charges, exsisting mortgages etc. Within the Network Great Estate Immobiliare srl of wich Vinci Properties srl is part of, in order to sell the said property. 5. PERSON IN CHARGE FOR YOUR DATA PROTECTION David Parish as Managing director of Vinci Properties srl, is responsible for your data protection. 6. RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY With regard to article 7 of the Legistlative Decree 196/03, you may at any time exercise the rights that the law allows you by writing to the person who is responsible for your data. You may ask to look at, modify, update, correct or refuse the use of your data at any time.

Cookie Policy

What cookies are

Cookies are portions of code installed by the website and third-party tools in the device of the user, in order ot improve or carry out the services provided.
Cookies, for example, save browsing preferences, the login through username and password or the products contained in the shopping cart.

Technical Cookies and Statistics

Technical Cookies

Technical cookies guarantee the functioning of the service. Technical cookies are, for example, those which save user’s preferences, login, the products contained in the shopping cart or the whishlist.
These cookies do not contain personal data that may be used to track the user. Technical cookies are strictly necessary for the functioning of the application.

Cookies serving aggregated statistical purposes

This type of cookies are used by the owner of the application to analyze the use, login and the way users interact with the application.
The information, collected in an anonymous way, can be analyzed only in its aggregated form. For this reason, it is not possible to identify the user.

For this purpose, the website uses the Google Analytics application, provided by Google Inc.
The collected data are used by Google to analyse the use of the application and they may be used to customize advertisements based on user’s interests.
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Profiling and Third-party Cookies

Some services allow to identify in an anonymous way a set of information regarding the user in ordert to provide customized and tailored advertisements.
An example of the activities carried out by these cookies is the insertion of ads based on user’s interests and recent webpages browsed.

This website do not use this type of cookies, but they may be installed by some services of third-parties.

Sharing on Social Networks

Through the portion of codes contained in this website, it is possible to share some of its content on different social networks.

Facebook social tools are provided by Facebook, Inc
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Embed Youtube

This application uses Youtube service provided by Google, Inc to advertise and share videos. Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Through this service only for partecipating networks, it is possible to choose not to be profiled.

How to manage the installation of Cookies

In addition to what is specified in this page, user’s preferences regarding the use of Cookies can be managed directly from the browser.
Through the preferences of the browser it is possible to delete the cookies that have been installed previously, prevent the installation of new cookies, or delete specific cookies.

Here the links with the instructions to block cookies provided by the most important browsers:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

In addition, through the service Your Online Choices, the user can manage his/her tracking preferences of many advertising networks.

Data Controller and Owner

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The installation of Cookies carried out by third-partie,s through the services used by this application, cannot be controlled by the owner. For this reason, every references to the use of Cookies must be considere as indicative information, despite the committment of the owner for a correct information. We ask the user to consult the Privacy Policy in order to get more information about other services indicated in this page.
Since the installation of Cookies and other tracking system carried out by third parties through the services used within this Application cannot be technically controlled by the owner, every specific references to Cookies and tracking system installed by third parties must be considered as indicative. To get more complete information, consult the Privacy Policy of other possible services listed in this document.