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Le Marche Property Market Tips: Before choosing a house choose an agent

Tip n°1: before choosing a house choose an agent
After 10 years selling houses in Italy, here is some advice to prospective buyers that will make the whole adventure more efficient and, perhaps, more enjoyable.

It is likely that when viewing the houses that your extensive internet research of various website has thrown up, you will meet a number of agents from competing agencies. It is also likely that there will be some agents that you prefer to others. Why not stick with the agent you prefer for all your future viewings?

Here are the benefits of this approach:

Properly briefed (they will be, having already viewed some houses with you) the chosen agent can search for houses in your absence.
In Italy it is common that agents collaborate, so the chosen agent can check on any properties that you find on competing websites.
Motivated by the fact of receiving at least a part of the commission, the agent will give you priority over other more speculative clients.
And what will be the cost of your loyalty? Nothing, the amount paid to your chosen agent will come out of the commission you would normally have to pay in any case.

At a time when driving around viewing houses is increasingly costly, this approach will help avoid wasting time and money. Italian agents will thank you.