***SOLD*** Chalet Pennabilli 6-Rimini

Code: R7215a
Property type: 1-Country house
Area (M 2)

The space

  • Land Size: 4540 mq


  • Land


SOLD 2022

Single-family house on one level with private park and garden. TheChalet is located in the natural park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello in the heart of Montefeltro a few km from the village of Pennabilli. The property is completely fenced, you access the house from the provincial road, from where a gate imputs in the park through a private road. The property, well maintained and still rented as a summer residence for mainly foreign tourists, has a privileged position that fits perfectly with the idea of tranquility and absolute relaxation.




The property is located in the municipality of Pennabilli, in the heart of Montefeltro, a historic Malatesta village, birthplace of the poet Tonini Guerra, a very active center for both cultural and recreational initiatives.

In particular, the Chalet is located about 10 km from the center of Pennabilli, on the road to Valpiano in the direction of Sestino, an area totally immersed in the nature of the park.

In addition, it is:

60 km from Rimini (port / airport / main national road junctions)

35 kilometer(s) from E/45 Central Italy Road Junction

30km from S. Marino Centre




The property is spread over a single parcel divided between tall woods, with conifers and oaks enriched with other species of shady deciduous trees. The space close to the house is flat and maintained as a well-kept and flowery garden most of the year.

Developed all on one floor, you enter a cozy living room, with windows overlooking the wood-burning fireplace, from here you go directly to the main bedroom, equipped with a mezzanine on which a wardrobe-closet is obtained. The kitchen overlooks the living area and also serves as a passage to access the hallway that leads to the bathroom, with shower, and to the bedroom.

At the back of the chalet, for those who love to try their hand at the wood-burning oven there is a space where you can cook pizza and other specialties, consumable, in summer, on the table ready to use.

In addition, apart, shed used as a laundry and tool shed, essential for life in hilly / mountain areas. Not least a large woodshed for autumn stocks.

From the property, through a gate you can directly access the path  number 17 of the CAI that leads to Sasso Simoncello (a place characterized by many paths for the threekking)

On the front there is a canopy for open space use to  enjoy the wonders of the property

Easy access to the main road so as not to run the risk of getting stuck in case of bad weather.




The farmhouse is served by network utilities for electricity and water supply, and is already prepared for the connection of gas and telephone line. Equipped with a fireplace that, together with the kitchen, are an integral part of the heating, which being ambivalent gives the possibility of being able to heat both with the network user and independently with wood. There is also a private well that is regularly used for irrigation of the garden



the chalet has mid-level finishes, in style with the place and intended use currently.



Excellent maintenance conditions, no interventions are required except those to customize the house to your taste.





The Chalet is currently for short rentals for mainly foreign tourists, possibility of being used as a second home for the holidays, or with some small adaptation as a first home away from the stress of the big centers.




The property is private and free from constraints.